CRIT Resource Centre

CRIT Resource Centre set up in the CRIT, IIFT at NAFED House (5th Floor) caters to the needs of study on WTO; Regional Trade; Trade & Investment Law and related issues. The Centre fulfills the needs of research scholars, policy makers and academicians on the issues related to WTO and its implications for India. The Centre has a rich collection of books, journals, Databases on WTO and related issues.

Its collection extends to a large number of subject areas including Agriculture Law; Anti-dumping; Bilateral Trade; Countervailing Duties; Countries Seeking Accession; Customs Tariff; Dispute Settlement; Economics; Negotiation; Electronic Commerce and WTO; Energy Security; Global Value Chains; Globalization; Government Procurement; Regional Trade; Social Clause and Labour Standards; Trade and Environment; Trade and Food Security; Trade and Investment Law; Trade and Technology; Trade in Services; Trade in Textiles; Trade Policy; Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights; Trade Related Investment Measures; World/International Trade Law; World/International Economics; WTO in General & Sanjay Bagchi Collection, etc.

The collection has of approximately 4900 books and bound volume Journals.
It also has the following Database:-

  1. Heinonline
  2. Indian harvest (CMIE)
  3. Inside U.S. Trade (Online World Trade Online)
  4. Jstor
  5. Manupatra
  6. OECD I Library (CWS+IIFT)
  8. Suns magazine
  9. Westlaw India
  10. Trade Law Guide
  11. World Trade
  12. China Trade Monitor
  13. WTO iLibrary
CRIT Resource Centre regularly purchases 27 journals (Print/ online) which are as follows:

  1. American Business Law Journal
  2. American Journal of Agriculture Economics (Print only)
  3. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (Print only)
  4. Asian Economic Journal
  5. Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)
  6. Australian Economic Papers
  7. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (online only)
  8. Canadian Journal of Economics Review
  9. China and World Economy
  10. Economica
  11. Global Trade and Customs Journal (Online Only)
  12. Indian Journal of Agriculture Economics (Print only)
  13. International Negotiation (Online Only)
  14. Journal of International Economic Law
  15. Journal of Legal Studies Education
  16. Journal of World Trade
  17. Kyklos: International Review for Social Sciences
  18. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
  19. The Developing Economics
  20. The Econometrics Journal
  21. The Economic Journal
  22. The Journal of Industrial Economics
  23. The Journal of World Intellectual Property
  24. The Journal of World Investment and Trade (Print only)
  25. Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) Journal (Online Only)
  26. World Competition (Print only)
  27. World Trade Review (Print only)

  1. The New York Times (Single user) online
  2. Economist (Print)
  3. Economy and Political Weekly (Print)
Resource Centre Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Saturday Opening hours vary depending on requirements.

Sunday Closed

The Resource Centre remains closed on all national holidays.

Contact Details:-
Santosh Kumar
Library Assistant)
Phone no: Ext:508, Mobile: 8130320725